Ninebot Z10

Ninebot Z10

Designed for the real challengers

Unforgettable off-road experience

45 km/h Speed

Fulfilling your desire for high speed, Ninebot Z10 will not disappoint your travel enthusiasm. There is no Segway Product goes faster than this one. Stay adventurous, the fun trip will begin.

90 km Reach

With the longest range of all Segway products, this ‘road camel’ enables you to explore more trip possibilities.

Strong Structured Wheel

18-inch strong structured wheel, equipped with 4.1-inch thick pneumatic tire, provides you a good trip both in urban traffic and off-road places.


Product Ninebot Z10
Recommended age 14 - 60 
Max. speed 45 km/h 
Net Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 457 x 530 x 178 mm 
Battery 995 Wh
Max. climb angle 25 degrees
Payload 25 - 150 kg
Remote control via App No
App Monitor Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Water resistance Mainframe IP54
Battery pack IPx6
Power output 1800 W
Range 90 km
Operating temperature -10 - 40°C
Charging time 10.5 hours
Box contents Mainframe x2, Charger, Power Cord
Tire Size  Diameter: 18 inches Width: 4.1 inches

*Typical riding time: tested while riding under full power. 75 kg load, 25°C, 8 km/h average speed on flat hard ground.

Please note that rules and regulations for riding Segway products on public roads differ for every country, for more information check our Support page.

Grab your Z10, Let the adventure begin!

Ninebot Z10 is dedicated to giving you unforgettable trip experiences both in urban traffic and off-road places. With its 4.1-inch thick pneumatic tire, you will have a stable trip and never have to worry about small road obstacles – It can be easily ridden on these conditions: Packed dirt, flat pavement, slopes and bumps. The most standing-out feature of this advanced vehicle is that it can speed up to 45km/h, which will fulfill your speed satisfaction. Cool, isn’t it? Moreover, Ninebot Z10 is designed to be a “road camel”, which enables you to have a trip up to 90 km in one go.

Automatic optical induction LED lights, rear lights and ambient light on wheel hub will ensure you a safe ride. Ninebot Z10 is equipped with Smart Battery Management System, which can keep its battery away from over-heating, over-voltage and under-voltage, guaranteeing the battery to stay in a perfect condition. Get on you Ninebot Z10, let’s go on this adventure!